5 tips to optimize your time management

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5 tips to optimize your time management

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If you do not stop running throughout the week, you continue your work even on weekends and you still feel tired, it is time to get back on top, to improve your time management to be efficient, dynamic and happy within your work!

We all agree that working time cannot be exchanged for a good or be sold. The time lost is definitive. Especially in a company, the expression « Time is money » is important. We can offer you some tips to optimize your time management.

5 tips to optimize your time management

  • Actors of the HR function: automate your tasks with an HRIS adapted for a good time management

Office tools are a source of work efficiency and can save you time. Many HR management software allow you to automate your daily activities. Sometimes our knowledge of the software we use is not perfect or these Softwares are not well suited to our needs, therefore, it will waste your time. To optimize time management within the HR function, you should first choose your office tools to be easy to use. They should simplify your work procedure and should match perfectly your needs (training management, professional interviews management, planning management, talent management …). For instance, some recruitment systems allow you to write job templates associated with positions to automate the job postings. It only takes two or three clicks with a relevant dashboard.

  • Manager: Make a profit over the little moments!

In a day, there are always moments that are not used efficiently. Transportation or queues are times when you feel like you’re wasting your time. The idea is to list the small moments and make them profitable. For example, you can review your tasks in your calendar or read and reply to emails quickly with your smartphone. As a manager, in addition to the projects for which you are responsible, you are also responsible for your team. Some IT tools can help you exploit small moments to perform your administrative tasks. Let us take the annual review as an example. Some performance management tools allow you to perform the annual review without having to connect to the network. Simply download it.

  • Collaborator: train where you want!

New techniques make possible to design pieces of training that are more adapted, more fragmented and more mobile. Thanks to your Smartphone you can access some training modules allowing you to organize your training at your own pace and according to the digital terminal at your disposal.

In HR management and every other business, tools can be a source of time optimization. Let’s take the issue of email notifications, is it better to receive a hundred notifications or see the tasks to accomplish in an HR dashboard? Compared to emails, the dashboard classifies and prioritises tasks.

We hope that these few tips will help you to optimize your time. It’s your moves now, dear friends! Who always thinks of having too much time, will always come too late!