5 tips for maintaining a work / private life balance.

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5 tips for maintaining a work / private life balance.

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In recent years, one of the main occupations of people working on human resources has been to maintain a certain balance between the private life and the professional life of the employees. Many solutions have been put in place for this purpose. But the development of work at home, the use of new technologies such as smartphones and tablets, of which 55% of French companies equip their employees, as well as the evolution of our relationship with work have upset the frontier which formerly separated professional life Of the employee’s private life.

Professional and personal life, a thin border

Little by little, professional life has become involved in private life and it becomes common to no longer be in a working logic 5 days out of 7. Many are the so-called « connected » professionals who will pick up their emails after their work day, During their weekend or during their holidays. These employees are also called information professionals and today they are 600 million in the world of which 84 million in Europe and 6.7 million in France alone. It is estimated that they will be 860 million worldwide by 2016. They themselves recognize the increasing use of their connected devices for both professional and personal use.

This phenomenon tends to intensify with the introduction and development of teleworking, which certainly increases the productivity and comfort of the employee but which, on the other hand, can have adverse effects such as bringing to the house worries due to work.

Similarly, all the measures taken to improve the quality of working life and the use of new communication tools do not encourage the employee to focus only on his professional activities during his working hours. Indeed, according to a study carried out by IPSOS on a sample of 8,800 employees in 8 European countries, 67% admit to being asked to work outside office hours, but 62% also admit to solving personal problems during those same hours.

5 tips for maintaining a work : private life balance.

On one hand, we have a professional life that encroaches on private life and on the other hand a private life spreading into professional life and ultimately a delimitation between the two increasingly blurred. This phenomenon now bears a name: Blurring, which could be defined as: « the gradual erasure of the boundaries between private life and professional life. “

Opinions are finally divided on this new practice: French and Germans find its negative influence whereas, conversely, Chinese and Brazilians are adepts and think that this is a good way to develop professionally. The Americans, on the other hand, appreciate the comfort and feel they are more productive, while the Australians and the British find this harmful trend.